Glow Run

What is the biggest fundraiser for the PAC this year?

Elm Street School is excited to host the first ever indoor Glow Run (powered by
Boosterthon) taking place in our very own gym this fall. In past years, our
biggest event has been our Parent’s Night Out/Silent Auction, but after much
consideration we decided to take a year off from our silent auction and allow the
Boosterthon company to help organize this fun run for our children to
participate in. Boosterthon is a program that combines world-class character
content with a highly profitable fundraiser. The goal of the event is to raise
funds for playground upgrades along with various needs for our school.

Who will be participating?

All Elm St. school students will run 33 laps in the gym

When is this running event?

The run will take place on November 26th during school hours. This program will
run for 10 days leading up to the event which will cause the children to be
buzzing with excitement and the company will organize activities and hand out
prizes to help incentivize the children to run, run, run and earn money for their
school at the same time. Parents, grandparents, neighbors/friends are
encouraged to sponsor the children on a 33 lap adventure around Elm’s gym.

How can you help?

We mainly need SPONSORS to donate at least $100 to cover the costs of Glow
Run T-SHIRTS for every child at Elm Street. These T-shirts can be worn on the day of
the glow run, during field trips throughout the year, and on field day. We are
looking for local businesses and supportive families to help sponsor these shirts.
Your business name or family name will appear on the back of the t-shirt and be
worn by 425 students throughout the year. We need YOU, your small business,
your big company, your local companies and services that you use...please help
us get the word out to cover the costs of the T-shirts. We have a sponsorship letter and tax document available. Please contact Moriah Boulos at

Boosterthon Website

Thank you on behalf of the Elm Street PAC for your continued support!