Teachers are 'Souper'

Teachers are 'Souper'

SOUPER DAY is Tuesday, January 25th

We appreciate all the efforts of our teachers and staff to nourish the minds of our children. On SOUPER DAY, we nourish them! Besides the incredible yummy factor and wonderful aromas wafting through the halls, this gesture really the hits the spot by spreading warmth and good cheer.

Of course, there's a nifty sign up, so please take a moment to check it out and consider donating your favorite recipe and loaning your trusty crock pot.  

  • Other opportunities to assist besides cooking are available 
  • A quick drop off in the morning
  • If dropping off after 9:15 am, no worries, just head to the staff lounge and find a space on the sidebar. Extension cords will be set up.

It's easy to participate. Here's the ladle:

  • Sign up with your recipe of choice
  • Dig out your crock pot and label it with your name (label serving spoons, too!)
  • Drop off your creation with a recipe title and / or the recipe to share
  • Pick up your crock pot at pick up time or when it's convenient

Thank you everyone!

Contact Susan Shea for questions or more information!